Project NeuroConscious

Project NeuroConscious, a grassroots project formalized in 2010, initially surfaced from an intention to serve neuroscience research community advance understanding in the field of consciousness, mindfulness, healing and epigenetics. The rhythm and nature of this work continues to evolve organically based on funding, bandwidth, sponsorship, resources and inspiration.

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is widely understood as a psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the experiences taking place in the present moment. While the task may seem effortless, it requires much attention and rigor. The benefits of this particular form and other related mindfulness practices are enormous and widespread. Large population-based research studies have indicated that the practice of mindfulness is strongly correlated with greater well-being and preventing various illnesses. There are various forms of self-awareness regulating mindfulness practices. Project NeuroConscious Mindfulness Meditations are primarily focused to help individuals experience enhanced focus, embodied presence, positive thinking and harmonizing wellness lifestyle.


Five videos explaining science benefits of regulating self-awareness & excercising mindfulness.




Personal Coaching: I offer personal coaching to my clients across the globe. I meet my clients locally for in person session and support long-distance clients using Skype Video chat room. Please email for inquiry or scheduling.


group training


Group Training: I offer broad range of mindfulness-based training programs to meet group needs. These programs are on-site and vary in terms of scope and duration ranging from half-day workshop to a week-long retreat. Please email for inquiry or scheduling.



Online Modules: Learn mindfulness at your own pace using guided-meditations delivered online. Yoga Nidra Meditation for PNS Support, Vagus Nerve Stimulation Using (Ujjayi) Breath Control , Healing DFN (Default Mode Network), Social Brain and ADHD. Online courses are password protected. Please email  for access and payment details.