Practicing Mindfulness

“Our challenge is to remain upright and graceful despite the forces of entropy, faithlessness, and greed – not in an attempt to change the world, but rather to create an internal environment that has a peaceful and beneficial affect on our state of mind. When there is equanimity of mind, the affect on the world around us is profound”

Practice it now!

Get Ready:

Take off your shoes…. become barefoot preferably …. become aware of your contact with earth and nature

In case you are sitting in an environment with minimal contact to nature, close your eyes and visualize and connect with nature

Sit upright on a chair … become comfortable in your posture


Breathe. As you continue breathing, become increasingly aware of your breathe.

Feel the fabric of your body expand and contract as you inhale and exhale.

Be with your breathe.

Become aware of your thoughts and emotions and sensations in the body.

Let go of the old. Let in the new. Feel a sense of refreshment through intentional breathing.

The more you become aware of your breath, weaker the link gets with the rigid, repetitive, unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Acknowledge and Respect your state of mind for whatever it holds for that particular moment.

Just be. Breathe. Soon you will notice natural stillness taking place.

With a deepening state of this mental stillness, the dimension of time moves away from past or future iand comes into the present.  

Become aware of your breathe and enjoy the emptiness of your mind as your experience being connected to Now.

Notice your awareness expanding and contracting.

As the mind escapes into the stories of the past or  visuals of the future, gently bring it back to the present moment into stillness.

Consider your body as a container for your breath allowing an easy and natural flow.

Allow yourself to move in and out of stillness.

Enjoy the Presence for few more moments.

Set an intention before your complete your stillness practice and come back into movement.

And now, prepare to come out of this state of stillness, by moving your legs, arms, shoulders and neck…

Renew the quality of your mind, by periodical mindfulness practice time-to-time throughout the day.

Benefits of Mindfulness ?  

General benefits of mindfulness are:

  • Neurobiologicaly, it benefits by enhancing      cognitive abilities like memory formation, focus, choice-making, decision      making and overall personal & social regulation
  • Psychologically, it helps reduce thoughts      & emotions based mental traffic jams relieving stress.
  • Physiologically, the practice makes your eyes      shine, skin glow, makes the shoulder more relaxed with better awareness      and breath flow in the body
  • Socially, one feels more empathy,      compassion and tolerance towards environmental differences.

Scientific Research: According to the neuroscientist Dr. Dan Seigel, 10 minutes of daily practice of mindfulness (a.k.a brain brushing) can shape the brain circuits to help us experience peace. Dr. Dan Siegel on Neuroplasticity and Mindfulness Meditation Training.

Wish You Peace. Love. Happiness.



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