Learning Embodied Leadership with Horses

IMG_3248Embodied Leadership – using a somatic approach to developing a personal leadership style. Great learning experience!
Mindfully Handling the Horse. I recently spent couple hours with a Mindful Horsemanship training coach learning the art of communicating with the horses using mindful awareness and body language.
During this session…
my senses were challenged & shaken up.The ‘yogi ego’, who likes to think she’s an expert at controlling her senses goes, ‘What the f@#^?’ Letting go of control and surrendering to the experience took an effort, initially. As i rested in mindful awareness & became a detached observer, it got easier to feel affectionate towards being “out of control”.
Affection and Presence came to foreplay. The horse and I started to non-verbally communicate. Momentarily, we became companions. 
Common agenda – Joyful Ride. #‎humbled‬ 
The experience taught me how brief nonverbal displays of fearless-stillness and loving-presence can affect our risk tolerance level. Playing with these horses taught me to practice deliberate non-judgmental attention, both towards myself and everything around me. Presence was the commonly shared experience.
Thanks Amanda for providing such an exceptional learning experience! 

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