Mind it, Mirror it… O, Leader

Exploring frontiers of Mirror Neurons and Mindful Mirroring in relation to human biology and its influence on personal and work life.

Mirror Neuron. Continuing from my blog-article from past, Mirror Neurons influence social behavior. These cells fire both when we act and when we simply observe the same behavior in others. They generate similar emotions that enforce connection between sender and receiver enhancing emotional resonance, empathic attunement, and mutual understanding. In his book, Neuroscience and Human Relationships, Louis Cozolino, Ph.D., explains that the mirror neurons lie at the crossroads of processing of inner and outer experience, where multiple networks of visual, motor, and emotional processing converge. These cells bridge information, action influencing group behavior.

Artwork, Dharma Comics
Artwork, Dharma Comics (http://dharmacomics.com)

Mindfulness Mirroring. Through several years of mindful living and following principles of Raj Yoga & Kundalini Yoga, I’ve learnt that being Mindful generates mental clarity & power to influence our environment through powerful attitude. Our value-driven conduct may inspire others to consider whether their own lives are reflective of their values. Dr. Dan Siegel, neuroscientist from UCLA shares more in his book The Mindful Brain.

Relating to people side of change management. There is a connection. Harvard Business Review posts a related blog on A call for Mindful Leadership where Dr. Ellen Langer shares 30 years of research and findings that increasing mindfulness increases charisma, productivity and helps influence the environment including people.

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