Reinforcing Motivation ~ Intrinsically or Extrinsically?

‘There’s a mismatch between what science know and what business does’

… If you want people to work better, i.e. follow directions, reward them monetarily…. old fashionably exercising left-brain

… If you want people to work better, i.e. be innovative; offer them autonomy, mastery and a sense of purpose…. new ways of exercising right-brain 

We are constantly changing and evolving as individuals and as a global society at large and so are our motivation factors. Back in the 20th century human motivation, especially at a workplace, was mostly promoted using extrinsic factors, rewarding behavior with tangible gifts, such as money. Although extrinsic reward systems have their due place, our society, especially the younger generation, is growing as predominantly intrinsic in nature and hence intrinsic reward systems hold a great value – driven mainly by interest or enjoyment in tasks. I like what Dan Pink’s talk on the surprising science of motivation. Also like his call out for a new operations system built around intrinsic motivation factors such as Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose….

             … If ->then… reward systems, often destroy creativity

  … Secret to high-performance isn’t rewards and punishments

   … but that unseen intrinsic drive to do things that matter

More exiting perspective on Dan Pink’s TED talk

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