Using Meditations to Assist People Change

These thoughts root from the belief I inherit from Gandhi’s leadership style,

 Be the change you seek in the world.

Practicing meditation individually and as a group is a creative change-management activity. Setting training rooms for mind relaxation & to nurture positive group mindset is a rewarding organizational practice. Google, Twitter, Cisco, Zappos are a few global-scale companies benefiting from offering such programs for their leaders, managers, engineers and creative talents.

Assisting people side of change in an organization requires a structured approach through OCM (organizational change management). I’ve personally found using ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforce) change methodology very effective.

We all know whether personal or professional, going through change creates anxiety due to ambiguity. Mismanaged ambiguity leads to resistance & creates unnecessary conflicts. Managing resistance to change can be tackled in so many creative ways through focused communications, coaching, training and leadership support. Meditation also proves to be an effective people change strategy. The practice silences the mind and alters attitudes for collective awareness and compassionate dialogue on the desired change and possible compromises.

How can meditation assist in managing social change?

Meditation helps at a personal level first! The practice helps us connect deeply to our personal authentic voice. With authenticity, shines truthful intent.

Personally for me, connecting with my breath, nurturing positive thoughts, freeing the mind from unnecessary clutter of wasteful thoughts helps me become clear on my work intent. When I am clear about my intention, I feel more authentic. With such truthful presence in my awareness, people tend regard and pay more attention to what I have to offer. Even if it may be conflicting to their agenda, the truthful presence creates a safer environment for an open dialogue. It helps me manage conflicts and break through the walls of resistance and have a constructive dialogue. Most often, it helps me create better collaborative environments to facilitate change more happily.

This practice further promotes positive social affiliation. A group of authentic individuals working together with a truthful intent co-create a safer environment for vulnerabilities to show-up and better support each other. There is less shame in becoming transparent. Transparent environment feeds the trust factor further creating stronger group affiliations. Transparent environments enable open dialogues for collaboration and co-creating win-win outcomes. Such mindful and conscious business environments thrive in uncertainties as trust and openness compensates all the unknown anxiety.

Meditating as a group creates an environment for more focused discussion. It helps shed away the personal insecurities or unconscious egotistical attitudes. While meditating together as a group in a business setting, everyone can sense & feel each other’s positive attitudes and a shared sense of self-awareness. Compassion fills up in everyone’s hearts. Conversations become more meaningful and less damage is done to the faulty egos, as the egos most often disappear with the authentic connection, assisted through appropriate meditation practices.

 5 Simple Tips to Make Meditation Practice Part of Your Work Culture

  1. Incorporate a culture of 5-minutes meditation before daily meeting stand-up meetings.
  2. Set-up training rooms where people can show-up for personal re-charge and also develop a curriculum to facilitate group-meditation sessions.
  3. Offer mind-training videos and audio distributed via existing communication channels such as newsletters, leader’s blog etc.
  4. Form social collaboration portal sharing promoting network of practitioners, wisdom-based content & success stories.
  5. Reward & recognize positive mindsets

Try It! And please share your feedback or any comments you may have. You can also connect with our seeding community on Facebook. Project NeuroConscious ( is becoming the medium for this play.  The intent is facilitate programs bringing diverse practitioners together supporting neuro-health & mental well-being using wisdom, awareness & meditation practices.



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