Seeding the Virtue of Co-operation At Work

WHY? For the process of innovation & ‘new creation’.


Virtue of cooperation is least recognized because it is not part of any end product. it is to do with the process of co-creating and achieving something. And thus its greatness lies in the fact that it is expressed through ordinary everyday actions.

A person who has this virtue is a little like the sun shining down on an outdoor event in a place where it normally rains. The event is praised, but afterwards the sun is forgotten. The analogy works, not because there is any virtue in the weather (on the contrary), but because it demonstrates how vital and yet undistinguished co-operation is. Without it the event is dead.

In a business environment, this virtue reflects through individuals’ quiet eye for what is needed to bring success, and supply it (and no more) at the right time, in the right place and then to be off. This virtue of the mind requires invisibility and precision to take precise action and then go without waiting for results. Now to an extent everyone expresses this virtue. Teams cooperate in something that they care about. But to actually have this virtue full-time means to be constantly extending your hand wherever it is needed. And even if there is nothing visible to be done, the world still needs the support of positive minds & compassionate hearts.

The benefit of nurturing & expressing this human quality in a team environment means less ego, more respect & sustainable growth. Strengthening the virtue of cooperation is no ordinary task, it takes profound optimism about the future of positive life in general. It springs form an understanding that only in the common ordinary actions of goodness lies great achievements. Say one word, have one thought, do one good thing to uplift another human mind and you have already contributed to co-creation of virtue of cooperation in a significant way.


  • Awareness of the personal desire. Foster at an individual level first before strengthening within a group mindset.
  • Awareness of the common group desire. Becoming aware of contributing towards a common purpose of ‘new creation’
  • Practicing mental stillness before engaging with the group & with technology. Mental stillness speaks. It alters our body language and vocal tone to communicate more authentically, purposefully and effectively. Practicing stillness within a group setting in a business environment, creates an environment for more purposeful & focused discussion. Co-operative team spirit strengthens.

I recently shared few tips on using meditation as a group exercises to assist positive group affiliation. Remember, competition seeds hierarchy, cooperation facilitates co-creation.

Last weekend I attended Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco, where leaders from various industries and verticals came together to discuss the importance of enduring healthy minds in current technology advancing times.


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